Photo Contest!

It is well known that Dr. Seeds loves all animals, but perhaps none more so than the Donkey. “Donkeys, also known as asses, are a member of the Eqidae family,” says Dr. Seeds. “This family also includes Horses and Zebras. Asses have floppy ears and a very large phallus.” Inspired by his favourite animal, Dr. Seeds proudly presents to you the Donkey Phallus Awards.

Do you think you can grow a Marijuana Bud with a size equivalent to, or greater than a Donkey’s Phallus? If so, send us a picture of your work!

Your plant may qualify for the prestigious Dr. Seeds Donkey Phallus Award. This award is only given to the largest buds that can “measure up” to Dr. Seed’s favourite mammal. Send us your photo by email to with DONKEY PHALLUS AWARD CONSIDERATION in the subject heading. If your buds are big enough, you will be awarded the prestigious Donkey Phallus endowment + win FREE SEEDS.

Email us your photo:

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