Comparison indica vs. sativa

The sativa subtype is native to regions close the equator, such as Colombia, Mexico and Thailand. Because the seasons are longer in these areas sativas naturally take more time to flower (8-15 weeks). They grow tall and christmas tree shaped with long, thin leaves and loose branching.  Leaves are a light to medium green colour. Sativas can grow bigger than indicas and therefore can produce more bud per plant if they reach their full size. Buds are long and sausage shaped.

Indicas are native to regions north of the equator, such as Morocco, Afghanistan and Turkey. Because the seasons are shorter in these areas indicas naturally take less time to flower (6-9 weeks). They grow bushy or cone shaped with wide, short leaves and dense branching. Leaves are a dark green to purple colour. Buds are dense and bulky.

Sativas require more light than indicas because they evolved closer to the equator. Low light will cause a Sativa’s stems to stretch and buds to not be tight.

The effect of the high from a Sativa is often described as uplifting, cerebral and psychedelic.  An indica high is often described as relaxing and desensitizing. Research suggests the differences in highs may have to do with the ratios of the cannabinoids THC and CBD. CBD seems to have a mitigating effect on THC. Therefore the wider the gap between THC and CBD the more the high will be felt as cerebral.  If the gap is narrower, either more CBD, less THC, or both, the mitigating effect of the CBD on the THC will be stronger which changes the effect of the high.

Since the 1970s marijuana plants have been selectively bred and experimented with to produce unique hybrids.  This is typically done by breeding sativas with indicas. The goals of these hybrids are sophisticated types of highs, faster growth, bigger yields, desirable growth heights, insect resistance, and unique smells and tastes.

Almost all cannabis strains on the market now are hybridized and are not a pure indica or a pure sativa. On Dr. Seeds website if a strain is mostly indica we classify it as an indica, and if it is mostly sativa we classify it as a sativa.  If it is less than 80% dominant indica or sativa we classify it hybrid.



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