Photo Contest

Enter the Dr. Seeds Photo Contest to get Free Seeds.

In order to win this contest and get free seeds all you have to do is provide us with high quality photos of your magnificent plants and growing techniques. If your photos win you will get 1 tin of your choice.  

Photo conditions for winning:

  1. The photos of your plants must be high resolution.  
  2. The subject of the photos must be in focus. 
  3. The photos must have adequate lighting. Pictures that are dark, grainy or overexposed will not qualify.
  4. The buds in your photos must look good.  Plants that look stressed, feeble or malnourished are not good enough to win.  They must be impressive bud photos.
  5. Your pictures must include bud shots in the last week of flower. You cannot win without including the final week of flower.
  6. Pictures that show a technique or process step for growing or harvesting cannabis scores extra points.


Please submit several pictures, including pictures taken throughout the cycle. Multiple angles are also good. The more pictures the better.

We reserve the right to cancel the photo contest at anytime. To make it fair for people who buy our seeds with the intention of entering the contest we will honour submissions after we decide to close the contest if we receive an email from you letting us know that you intend to participate in the contest before we discontinue the contest. Therefore we recommend you shoot us an email if you are just starting or are in the middle of a grow currently and are thinking you are going to enter.

To win the photo contest you must have purchased the seeds you used to grow the plants in your picture from Dr. Seeds. You cannot win a contest based on seeds that are a prize from a previous contest.

By entering the contest you agree to let us use the photos for marketing purposes, including, but not limited to, this website, instagram and other marketing channels, and our ebooks.

To enter the Photo Contest, submit your beautiful photos to with PHOTO CONTEST in the subject line. Please include the strain name in the body of the email.