Top 5 Outdoor Cannabis Strains for Canada

Choosing seeds for outdoor growing in Canada

Although all strains can be grown indoor or outdoor, most strains on the market are bred and optimized to benefit the indoor grower. If you are growing outdoor, pick strains with the top characteristics that make them perform well in outdoor environments.

Characteristics to look for:

  • Size and yield Plants grown outdoors with natural sunlight can grow to monstrous sizes.  As an outdoor grower you should take advantage of this benefit.  If you’re growing in a pot on a balcony or patio, look for a medium-sized plant with high yields. When planting in the ground, make the most of your legal limit with plants that can reach two meters or more in height. 
  • Fast finishing To avoid problems with cold snaps in Fall, especially in Northern Canada, choose strains that finish in early October at the latest. If no regular seeds are fast enough for your hemisphere, Dr. Seeds offers special fast seeds which are engineered to speed up flowering and can be helpful in some cases. Also see autoflowering below.
  • Cold & moisture tolerant Go with a strain that is a known performer in Northern latitudes. It should be cold tolerant, mould resistant and able to withstand an extended fall rain.
  • Autoflowering trait Autoflower seeds are bred using the genetics of the ruderalis cannabis sub-type. Ruderalis naturally evolved in regions with a shorter growing season and can provide some interesting benefits for the outdoor Canadian grower. See more about Autoflowering strains below.

Benefits of autoflowering Seeds for Canadian outdoor growers, especially northern canada.

Autoflowering seeds are an excellent choice for growing cannabis outdoors in Canada. Autoflower seeds are made when ruderalis genetics is added during seed breeding. The addition of ruderalis genetics causes cannabis plants to start to bud two to three weeks from germination. This “automatic” budding is a fantastic benefit because cannabis strains that are not automatic can only bloom in the fall when there is less light in the sky each day. 

Autoflowering seeds are great for Canadian outdoor growers because autoflowering plants do not need to be planted timed to the seasons. If you’d like a nice mid-summer harvest, germinate your autoflowering seeds in small pots on a sunny windowsill in April, and transplant them to your outdoor garden once all danger of frost is over. Didn’t get organized until the growing season is half over? No problem! Plant your seeds outdoors as late as the middle of July; you’ll have something to stash away before the cold sets in. 

Growing in Canada presents unique challenges compared to other regions. Summers can be inconsistent and cold snaps in early spring and late fall can cause stress on many strains. Choose autoflowering plants because they are very flexible for timing your grows, allowing you to sidestep problems with Canadian weather.


Dr. Seeds Recommendations:


  • Finishes fast
  • Large yields
  • Very easy to grow


  • Mould and cold resistant
  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • Finishes in 40-45 days from seed



  • Mould and cold resistant
  • Finishes in 70-80 days from seed
  • Strong smell delivers bag appeal



  • Max height of 2 metres makes it suitable for a large planter
  • Easy to grow
  • Large yields



  • Short height makes them suitable for large planter
  • Flowering time rarely exceeds 7 weeks
  • A Canadian classic!