Comparison indica vs. sativa

The sativa subtype is native to regions close the equator, such as Colombia, Mexico and Thailand. Because the seasons are longer in these areas sativas naturally take more time to flower (8-15 weeks). They grow tall and christmas tree shaped with long, thin leaves and loose branching.  Leaves are a light to medium green colour. Sativas […]

What are the differences between male and female cannabis plants?

Male plants produce pollen. Female produce flowers. If the female becomes pollinated her flowers will produce seeds. If she is un-pollinated her flowers will grow bigger, producing coveted resin laden buds with cannabinoids such as THC – the primary chemical in cannabis that gets you high. When a female is pollinated the buds do not […]

What is the difference between feminized seeds and regular seeds?

Cannabis is dioecious, meaning that there are distinct male and female plants. Under normal circumstances, about half of cannabis plants become male and the other half female. A small percentage of cannabis plants are hermaphrodites – plants with both male and female characteristics. A seed produced under common circumstances is a regular seed and will […]