How to get a free tin, your choice of strain


Spread the word about your positive experience with Dr. Seeds to earn a free tin of seeds, any strain.

Only current customers of Dr. Seeds who have already ordered our seeds are eligible.

To qualify, you have to send us an honest story about your positive experience growing plants using Dr. Seeds and send a picture of your healthy plants grown using our seeds.

Guidelines for writing a good story:

  • Avoid hyperbole and use facts instead. 
  • Facts could include:  specifically how long it took to get your order; which strains your ordered and why your ordered them; technique(s) you used to sprout your seeds; your motivations for wanting to grow your own, such as frustrations with the government prices for cannabis; how you felt when you saw your seeds sprout; or details about your grow strategy, hydro vs. soil etc. You don’t have to follow this exact script.  The point here is that your story should be based on facts.

After you send this to us we will contact you about one last final step you will need to do to get free seeds.

The story must be between 750-1000 characters. The photo(s)must be .jpeg format.You must include an order number so we can validate that you are a Dr. Seeds customer.

Send your story, your photo(s), your customer number to, with the subject line: Free Seeds.

If your submission meets the above requirements someone will contact you with the final step to get a free tin of seeds of your choice.