Photography Contest

Enter pictures of your photos grown using Dr. Seeds seeds and you can win a 1 free tin containing 5 seeds of the strain of your choice. To enter the photo contest, create a ticket and choose Contests & Prizes from the dropdown. Send us a message indicating would like to enter the contest.

Please include in your message:

  1. The strain your grew
  2. Your order number

Someone will reply to your ticket with details for how to submit your pictures by email.

Here is the judgement criteria for winning free seeds:

  1. Photos must be high resolution and in focus.
  2. Lighting must be adequate to see the plants clearly. Over or underexposed pictures, or pictures that are excessively red may not qualify.
  3. Plants must be healthy. Pictures of stressed, feeble, or malnourished plants may not qualify.
  4. Pictures must include shots taken in final week of flower. Additional photos taken at other times are welcome but you cannot win without the picture of the final week of flower.
  5. The pictures must be of plants grown using seeds you purchased from Dr. Seeds.
  6. Indoor grown plants will be given priority for prizes over outdoor grown plants. You can enter outdoor grown plants but they have less of a chance of winning than an indoor plant submission.

By entering the contest you must agree to let us use your photos for marketing purposes, including, but not limited to, websites, social media, and our ebooks.

Contests winners will be given a coupon that they can use on our site that will cover the cost of 1 tin + a $10 shipping credit.