24k Gold Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


24k Gold Autoflower is a new auto flower strain we bred from the original feminized version to an autoflower version. When we originally sold 24k gold it wasn’t a big seller and we eventually discontinued it. However, it was also one of our best reviewed strains by customers. Everyone who tried it loved it. Therefore we decided to try this autoflower version.

24k Gold crosses Kosher Kush, arguably the best OG Kush on the planet, with the award-winning Tangie. This autoflower version is made by crossing ruderalis.

Plants will develop Kosher Kush’s deep-green hues and Tangie’s candied-citrus aroma. Potency averages between 18 and 24%.

24K Gold’s high is surprisingly upbeat and happy for a marijuana seed with a heavy Indica lean. There is a healthy dose of physical relaxation, but you won’t be able to miss the euphoric head buzz that’s much more like the feeling you get from a high-quality Sativa.

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