60 Day Wonder Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


60-day wonder  is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa, with 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. Its lineage and DNA genetics is from a crossbreed of Williams Wonder and ruderalis strain that was backcrossed several times. It has a short growth cycle of 60 days and large yield, making it popular with commercial growers.

60-day wonder has moderate and relaxing results with medicinal benefits such as reducing anxiety and stress.

You can use the feminized seeds to grow the 60-day wonder plant at home. It is an auto-flowering plant whose flowers are similar to the Williams Wonder that is medicinal. It produces the flowers within a period of between six to seven weeks. The plant is short, growing up to 80 centimeters, and grows indoors and outdoors arenas.

The plant is easy to grow and ready for harvesting 60 days after seed germination. It requires less light that normal for growth, but more light will achieve greater yields. The strain is one of the most commercially viable strains of cannabis on the market, as one can harvest every 60 days.

When dry, the 60-day wonder plant has a herbal, woody, pine-like fragrance. Upon being smoked, its taste is fruity like citrus and leaves behind a pleasantly spicy and herbal aroma that is relaxing. It produces a euphoric feeling attributed to the Indica side on immediate consumption. The body relaxes after the overwhelming feeling, leaving you happy, calm, and relaxed.

Its effects are relaxing, so you should enjoy it in the evening when you have gotten everything done for the day to enjoy a leisurely, free and lazy evening. The relaxing feeling is not overwhelming and will likely last a few hours before wearing off eventually.

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