Afghan Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


The Afghan Autoflowering plant grows easily both outdoors and indoors. This strain is resistant to mold and cold weather and is very easy to cultivate.

Growth Characteristics

The ruderalis and Afghani strains produced a plant with a faster growth rate compared to others in the autoflowering genus. The total cycle for its growth takes around 12 weeks, which enables a higher seasonal yield. The flowers appear within a few weeks automatically without the need for specific amounts of sunlight. Excellent for beginners and no-nonsense experienced growers.

Smell and Taste

The thickness and heaviness of the buds in the Afghan autoflowering strain make it highly competitive. The aromatic hash resin offers a welcoming invitation upon the first inhalation. The smoky output is only matched by the robustness in the flavor.

The sweetness and earthen qualities are offset by hints of spice. The smoke yield is dense and intense, and the richness of the flavor invites imbibing. The terpenes are pronounced with traces of ocimene, pinene and myrcene. The exotic and spicy buds produce a slightly minty and herbal fragrance that suggests hashish.

History and Lineage

The Afghan autoflowering breed of cannabis now grows in the Hindu Kush region, which is located inside Afghanistan. The ruderalis strain is cross-bred with the Afghan autoflowering indica breed in order to produce seeds that enjoy a shorter period of growth. The ruderalis plant traces its origins to Russia where colder climates appear to have spurred an adaptation resulting in a shorter growth cycle.

Additional Qualities

The robust and fragrant qualities of this Afghan strain appeal instantly to the senses. This cannabis is used for pain relief and assists in helping people with insomnia get to sleep. It also promotes a healthy appetite. The elevated amount of THC induces a powerful sense of relaxation. As such, it remains one of the most popular indica strains of cannabis with a wide appeal that has withstood the test of time.

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