Auto Lowryder Cannabis Seeds


1 tin containing 5 autoflowering seeds.

Perfected over nine generations of selective breeding, Auto Lowryder is the quintessential dwarf strain. It never gets taller than 16 inches, it finishes in just 40 to 45 days from seed and it has a mild, earthy aroma that’s barely detectable. You can’t make a better choice than Lowryder cannabis seeds if you’re short on space or time.
With a cold-hardy nature that thrives under the harshest conditions, Lowryder Autoflowering is a favourite with outdoor growers in northern areas like Canada, Alaska and The Netherlands who don’t have the luxury of a warm spring or fall to extend their growing season. Because the cone-shaped buds develop so quickly, they’re somewhat small, but they’re not low on power. Once Lowryder’s creeping psychoactive effect takes hold, it’s strong and long lasting.

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