4 Ounces Bloom Booster


– 100% Soluble

– Good value! 1.25 grams makes approximately 1 gallon of solution.

– Dramatically improves the quality of buds and improves harvest yields.

When entering the flowering growth stage, cannabis redirects it energies from the production of new shoots and leaves to the production of flowers. During early flowering, plants are able to take up and process extra minerals that they can use to grow larger and more resinous flowers.

Bloom Boost fertilizer is a special formula of extra minerals that specifically support budding. Apply it to your plant’s feeding solution in addition to regular full spectrum flowering fertilizer.

Out of the 8 weeks of flowering, the Dr. Seeds Bloom Boost is added only during weeks 2, 3 and 4. The reason it is added for only 3 weeks and not for the entire bloom cycle is to avoid adding more nutrients than plants can safely absorb and process. If Bloom Boost is added for the full 8 weeks, plants wont be able to take up all the extra minerals. Unabsorbed, unused minerals will linger in the grow media causing a toxic buildup.

Harvest quality and yield are improved when Bloom Boost is applied during the recommended 3 week window when plants are able to successfully absorb and process it.

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