Cherry Pie Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Like many other strains, cherry pie is a cross between two strains. Two strains, Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison have gone into the making of this one. Both of these strains originate in the United States. Over time, they have been involved in the creation of many other strains.

Once planted, you can expect maturity in about two months from start to finish. It should grow between 70–140cm when planted in good, fertile soil. It is an indica-dominant plant. At harvest time, you’ll notice it has large and dense flowers. These offer clearly visible trichomes as well as calyxes that can get quite big once they are ready for the picking. It’s also an easy care variety that does not need a lot of help in order to be ready for budding. You won’t have to spend a lot of time manicuring it. The cherry pie version is an autoflowering option. It also offers lots of results despite the fact that such types may not always be as fruitful as other types. The bud-to-leaf-ratio is very high. It it known to be just as good as the photoperiod variants. You can expect They offer very high productivity and potency.

You’ll also find this one offers what can be said to be the very best qualities of the parent strains. The results are a well balanced plant that offers many benefits. It is known to have great mental and emotional effects. As such, it is ideal for use on a daily basis. Durban Poison means that the plant helps users maintain a clear head and stay functional. The other genetics involved in this one help people stay relaxed and help them ward off many common aches and pains. As a fruity variety, it’s pleasant for the senses in every way.

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