Chocolate Fondue Feminized Cannabis Seeds


As one of the most popular Sativa-dominant hybrid strains, Chocolate Fondue shares the same unmistakable sweet and musky aroma experienced in a restaurant or coffee shop.

Nutty and flavorful, avid fans of this strain take pleasure in Chocolate Fondue’s sweet and salty taste and relaxing advantages. If you’re craving dessert, Chocolate Fondue offers the perfect blend of flavor and muskiness for everyone’s benefit.

Delight in this chocolatey and cheesy blend of goodness that will leave you feeling calm and elevated enough to stay productive. That way, you can finish that lengthy to-do list. Ideal for a quiet night at home or a day at the promenade, the energy Chocolate Fondue provides is not stimulating enough to keep recreational smokers from fully winding down.

As with any strain, aroma, taste, and THC levels can vary slightly, but never by much with Chocolate Fondue. In fact, this bud is known for reliable consistency from every nug to give you the same high and buzz every time.

Ready to grow your own Chocolate Fondue but don’t know how? These feminized seeds flower swiftly and are just right for amateur growers and virtually any indoor or outdoor environment. For most, brown and orange nugs will be available in approximately eight to nine weeks with an above-average yield.

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