Feminized GMO Cookies Cannabis Seeds


Feminized GMO Cookies Cannabis Seeds, a blend of the legendary strains Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. This unique hybrid offers an unforgettable growing and smoking experience, combining the strength of Indica with a sweet, earthy flavor profile that resonates with both novice and seasoned growers.

Key Features:

  • Genetics: A rich blend of Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies, resulting in an Indica-dominant strain with a sweet and earthy essence, perfect for those seeking a balance of strength and flavor​​​​.
  • THC Levels: Boasting up to 25-28% THC, this strain guarantees a potent experience, leading to a deep sense of relaxation coupled with euphoric and happy feelings​​​​​​.
  • Growing Conditions: Ideal for intermediate growers, this strain thrives in warm and sunny climates, adapting well both indoors and outdoors with yields of up to 450 grams per square meter indoors, or 450 grams per plant outdoors​​​​.
  • Flowering Time: Expect a flowering time of approximately 9-10 weeks, rewarding patient growers with resinous nugs packed with flavor and potency​​​​.
  • Aroma and Taste: A unique blend of garlic, mushrooms, and onions gives this strain its distinct aroma, while the flavor profile ranges from diesel and earthy to sweet undertones, satisfying a wide range of palates​​​​.
  • Effects: Known for its deep relaxation effects, GMO Cookies is perfect for melting away stress, anxiety, and pain, making it a favorite among those seeking therapeutic benefits​​​​.

Cultivation Tips:

Prepare for a medium-sized plant that requires some attention to achieve its full potential. Regular pruning and suitable nutrients are essential to manage its growth and maximize yield. This strain’s Indica background may result in dense, bushy plants, so ensure adequate spacing and airflow to prevent mold and pests.

Our GMO Cookies seeds represent the pinnacle of cannabis genetics, offering a harmonious balance of high THC content, robust flavors, and impressive yields. Suited for those who appreciate the artistry behind cannabis cultivation and relish the unique tastes and aromas of top-quality buds.

Indulge in the luxury of home cultivation with our Feminized GMO Cookies Cannabis Seeds and embark on a journey filled with aromatic bliss and potent relaxation. Perfect for evening relaxation or medicinal use, this strain promises a cannabis experience like no other.