Forbidden Fruit Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Strain: Cherry Pie x Tangie Hybrid

Forbidden Fruit is a hybrid bud variety that marries the Tangie and Cherry Pie cannabis strains. Known for its dense blossom of purple, orange, and deep green hues, Forbidden Fruit can be an excellent strain for mitigating physical and mental discomfort.

Forbidden Fruit enjoys a citrus terpene palette. The musky berry undertones of Cherry Pie and the bright tropical accents of Tangie are most prominent. Folks with above-average olfactory powers may also detect hints of pine, mango, and passion fruit candy.

Though everyone’s body chemistry is different, generally speaking, Forbidden Fruit offers a relaxed, euphoric, happy high.

Despite being a Sativa and hybrid mix, the resulting high falls squarely in the Indica quadrant. In most instances, Forbidden Fruit first hits in the head and from there spreads throughout the body. If you’re looking to alleviate sore muscles, menstrual cramps, or a nasty bout of rumination, this strain may do the trick. Many people also report using it for stress relief.

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