Kelp Extract


– 100% Soluble.

– Good value! 0.4 grams makes approximately 1 gallon of solution.

– Helpful as as a foliar spray and in solution.

– Contains 3 advantageous growth hormones + 62 beneficial trace elements.

– Increases root growth and vegetative growth.

– Improves seed germination.

Kelp extract is a bio stimulant that contains 3 categories of growth hormones: auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins. These hormones support a wide range of plant functions. Cytokinins cause plant cells to multiply. Auxins and gibberellins cause plant cells to elongate.

The hormones in kelp provide several benefits for your plants. They increase root mass and rate of growth, bolster vegetative growth, and improve seed germination.

Kelp is particularly beneficial when mixed with Humic Acid for promoting superior root growth. Virgina tech university did a 10 year study that concluded 5 parts Humic Acid mixed with 2 parts Kelp resulted in 50% more root mass than either product used alone.

Kelp is beneficial when used in solution for the full cycle of vegetative growth and flowering growth.

Use as a foliar spray only during vegetative growth, at low dose, at most once per week. Once every two-three weeks is recommended. Do not exceed suggested dosage.

Do not use kelp as a foliar spray during flowering growth phase.