Kelp Organic Bio Stimulant


Kelp extract is an extremely effective bio-stimulant.

It is rich in natural growth hormones, auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins.

Used as a root drench, the auxins hormones spur root production, while the cytokinins hormones stimulate root cell division. Lateral root growth and root mass are improved.

Gibberellins hormones regulate seed germination. Soaking seeds in a kelp extract solution improves both speed of germination and germination success rates.

As a foliar spray, the cytokinins hormones in kelp extracts promote lateral bud development. Plants grow shorter and bushier.

Kelp extract also contains 62 beneficial trace elements. It is an excellent supplement to many standard fertilizer programs.

100% water soluble.

Use at low dose, at most once per week. Once every two-three weeks is recommended. Overuse of kelp extracts can over-stimulate cell division which creates heat and can burn plants.

Do not use during bloom phase.

Available in 4 OZ (113 gram) and 1 OZ (28 gram) sizes.

Please note that the 1 OZ size does not come in retail packaging as shown.

Makes approximately 282.5 gallons of solution when dosed at 40 gram per 100 gallons.