Kushberry Alien Photoperiod Feminized Seeds


Kushberry Alien’s high is unsurpassed, but that’s not the only thing this hybrid has going for her. The flavor is a sophisticated mix of Kushberry’s zesty lemon and sweet blueberry layered over top of Alien’s curious blend of kiwi, grape and fuel. It’s not like anything you’ve ever tasted before.

Price includes 5 seeds.


The Alien line set fire as the new standard for premium weed. Kushberry is a lemon and blueberry powerhouse that's a close match in potency, flavor and resin content. Combined, you get Kushberry Alien, a new hybrid with a raging high that starts off with an instantaneous face-melt before gradually settling into a warm, full-body buzz. If you're looking for medication that'll take care of pain, insomnia or appetite loss, you can't go wrong with these 100% feminized seeds!

When you grow Kushberry Alien seeds inside, give them plenty of light and use an adequate filtration system. These resin-covered beauties are short, chunky and pleasing to the eye, but the permeating aroma will saturate everything it reaches. Plants mature after about eight weeks of bloom, delivering a moderately high yield of top-shelf buds that are dense, dank and heavy for their size.

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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 cm