Lemon Skunk Photoperiod CBD Seeds (5 cannabis seeds)

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With this revised blend of Lemon Skunk, the happy, energetic head high is lowered to a mild, peaceful sense of well-being that leaves the brain clear and functional so the enhanced levels of CBD can work their magic behind the scenes. Subtle enough for the first-time medical marijuana patient, CBD Lemon Skunk is also a perfect choice for recreational use before work or daily chores.


RATIO6%-8% CBD / 6%-8% THC
The introduction of high-CBD genetics did not mute the smell or the flavor of CBD Lemon Skunk one bit. This fragrance is thick, heavy and sweet with the unmistakable pungency that defines a good Skunk strain. You'll notice the odor well before the buds start to form, it will intensify as the plant matures, and the aroma will carry over into the cure to add to the overall bag appeal. The taste matches perfectly and lingers softly on your palate long after you’re done with your smoke session.

When grown inside from feminized cannabis seeds, expect this medical strain to grow very tall unless you train your young plants from the start or switch to 12/12 early. Most growers report about a 200% stretch within the first two weeks of flowering. Yields are moderately high; a support structure is highly recommended.

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