MAC Feminized Cannabis Seeds


The MAC cannabis strain is impressive. It’s gorgeous to look at, tasty to consume and pleasurable to experience. MAC stands for Miracle Alien Cookies. The strain crosses Alien Cookies with other premium hybrids, which are often Starfighter, Columbian, Chemdawg or Miracle 15. While MAC might be more relaxing and euphoric than OG Kush, it’s also more stimulating. The well-balanced hybrid contains a 50-50 ratio of indica to sativa. It elevates the mood but keeps you balanced at the same time. This strain is often used for recreational purposes, whether consumers are staying in and watching a movie, heading into the great outdoors or going out on the town. Although MAC isn’t the ideal strain for getting to sleep, it can impart a strong couch-lock if you consume too much of it. The trichome-covered buds can contain as much as 25 percent THC. The buds may have a purple or orange tinge. Because they’re drenched in trichomes, however, they can appear iridescent in some environments. This strain has pungent citrus and diesel notes. The juicy orange flavor adds to the uplifting effects. This plant grows tall, making it ideal for outdoor situations. It can produce as much as 8 ounces per plant outdoors. When grown inside, it can yield about 8 ounces per square meter. However, it’s not the easiest plant to grow. While it has moderate disease and insect resistance, its tall nature allows it to pull plenty of nutrients from the soil. This means that you’ll need to be meticulous about feeding it. The plants respond well to training techniques, including the Sea of Green, which fosters a consistent harvest.


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