2 Pounds Motherplant Hydroponic Fertilizer A + B


– 100% Soluble

– Good value! (1 ounce makes 9.3 gallons of solution when dosed at 3 grams per gallon)

– Faster motherplant regeneration

– Healthier clones with faster rooting

– Designed specifically for cannabis mother plants

A full spectrum fertilizer system providing a complete diet of all 14 essential primary macronutrients, secondary macronutrients and micronutrients. Specifically designed for mother plants. Dr. Seed’s unique mother plant fertilizer is uniquely formulated to deliver vigorous root growth, and enhanced regeneration of stems for faster mother plant recovery after cuttings are extracted. It also promotes development of plant tissue that has enhanced carbohydrate, mineral and water storage capability, which improves root growth for clones.

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