Ram Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Ram widow is a hybrid strain with some Sativa and Indica properties. It produces an intense cerebral high that will help you relax your body after a long day at work!

It’s not surprising that this powerful bud packs a punch – it can reach THC levels as high as 28%. If you’re looking for a cerebral head high with strong body effects, Ram Widow will do the trick!

Typical effects include euphoria, happiness, relaxation.

This bud has been known to cause dry eyes as well as mild pain relief because it’s so potent.

The most common use for Ram Widow is at home, after a long day of work. It’s also good to have on hand if you’re going out with friends. Because this strain has a quick onset and short duration, it can be used throughout the day without any issues.

The buds and flowers are usually small and dark green. The leaves are often forest green, while the flowers tend to be a darker shade of that. Ram widow has orange hairs covering its buds, giving it an appearance similar to some other strains like Gorilla Glue.

The potency is high with this bud – many have reported feeling powerful effects after just one or two puffs. You’ll want to be careful when you first try out this strain because THC content can get pretty high at times – up to 28%. Because of these potent levels of THC, there may also be mild psychoactive effects that cause dizziness or anxiety if too much is consumed.

Ram Widow has a sweet and earthy flavor with woodsy undertones. If you’re familiar with the aromas of Red Wreck, then this bud should smell pretty familiar to you! It smells like pine trees mixed in with some muskiness.

The flowering time is around eight weeks.

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