Ultra Violet Feminized Cannabis Seeds


If you are looking for a new cannabis strain to try, then Ultra Violet may be a perfect choice! This Sativa dominant hybrid will provide an uplifting and creative high that can leave you feeling energized. The smell is fruity with hints of Lavender, while the taste is sweet with notes of grapefruit. With this strain, perfection is within reach. It is a cross between the famous G-13 strain and Lavender. Genetics help to give this plant some of its unique characteristics. This purple bud has long found itself in high demand for good reason!

Typical effects – Alert, Energized, Euphoria, Focus

Typical duration – 65 minutes to an hour and a half.

The bud sizes are medium to small, and the nugs are leafy. The leaves themselves are deep green with hints of purple throughout, although it is more predominant on the buds than leaves per se.

The smell is fruity with Lavender notes as well as a hint of grapefruit.

For new growers, this strain of marijuana will be quite an easy one to manage during flowering. You can expect your plant’s height to reach around four feet on average, but some specimens may grow up to six (although it is not common). The flowers themselves are pretty thin and loose, which means that they should dry out quickly once harvested. There won’t be too much smell from these plants, so those who want discretion in their cannabis growing might find this very appealing!

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