White Fire Alien Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds


White Fire Alien Kush is a well-known hybrid cannabis strain. THC levels in this strain can reach as high as 26%, and its makeup is 60% indica and 40% satvia. This indica-dominant strain allows its users to reach a pleasant euphoric state relatively quickly. This is good news for individuals seeking quick relief for their pain and tension.

Since the effects of White Fire Alien Kush are felt immediately, users often choose to consume this strain either at night or in the late evening. When it comes to White Fire Alien Kush’s scent, it is known for its earthy pine aroma, which also has some lemon undertones.

This strain was created by combining two other hybrids, Fire Alien Kush and The White. When its buds are ready to be harvested, they will be dark green in color, and crystal trichomes will appear.


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