Yucca Extract Wetting Agent


– 100% Soluble

– Helpful as as a foliar spray and in solution.

– Good value! 0.2 grams makes approximately 1 gallon of solution.

– Improves effectiveness of foliar sprays by increasing water distribution on leaf surface.

– Improves root growth and mineral uptake by improving distribution of feeding solution throughout grow media.

– Helps dislodge trapped salts from grow media when used as a flushing agent.

Yucca is a natural wetting agent and surfactant. Its role is to aid in water distribution.

When used in solution, yucca helps water fully penetrate grow media. Beneficial for preventing roots from becoming exposed to dry patches. Water spreads out more evenly, improving nutrient absorption in the root zone.

It can also be applied to the leaf surface. Yucca makes water spread out into a film rather than beading up, improving the application of foliar spray, enhancing nutrient absorption by the leaves.

A common use of Yucca is rinsing grow media. Yucca helps water more thoroughly rinse away trapped salts. Rinsing away salts is called flushing and should be done regularly to keep grow media free from toxic mineral build up.