Shipping Information

*we reserve right to refuse shipping to anywhere seeds are not legal. 


Shipping is guaranteed and we will replace a lost shipment.  There are some conditions:

  • You must supply a valid address. We recommend checking your address before submitting your order. If the reason your package is lost is that you gave us a bad address we will not replace it.
  • We only guarantee trackable shipments. All the Canadian shipping options offered on our website are trackable. For other countries, be sure to check the shipping option you choose is trackable.
  • We only guarantee North American shipments. If you are ordering outside of North America you assume the risk of a lost shipment.
  • We only guarantee against failure of the postal service to deliver your package (e.g. lost in the mail), not against seizure of the package by customs.  Please check that seeds are legal in your area before ordering. 


Quoted shipping times are an estimate and not a guarantee. We typically deliver boxes to the the Canada Post office the next morning after we receive the order. In rare cases where there is a short backorder situation or we are busier than usual a delay in processing can happen. There is no compensation for a late order. We will notify customers of delays that we anticipate will last longer than 5 business days.