The straight dope on germination


  • Sometimes not all seeds germinate even when following correct procedure. When following correct procedure the germination rate for seeds purchased at Dr. Seeds -or any another seedbank- will typically be 80% – 90%.
  • The idea with ordering a tin of 5 seeds is not necessarily to get 5 plants. Often when people order seeds they are looking to get a mother plant of a desired strain to take clones from. Sometimes people will plant 5 seeds, pick the best plant of the 5 to be a mother, then get rid of the others. Traditionally, the reason seeds are sold in lots of 5 is to ensure a result of 1 good mother plant.
  • Since Dr. Seeds -or any other seedbank- cannot ensure every seed they sell will germinate, what we do to help you is offer the best deal so you can get more seeds, and therefore more plants, for your money. By using the coupon code 3 FOR 2 you can buy 2 tins and get a 3rd one for free. This should more than make up for any seeds that do not germinate.
  • If one of your seeds does not germinate it is not the end of the world. You can crop your plants to make the canopy larger. Using cropping techniques a single plant can produce the same amount of buds as multiple plants. The point here is that you don’t necessarily need to have 5 plants to generate a large canopy of buds. As long as you get 1 good plant, with cropping your end result can be exactly the same as if you had several plants.