Black Domina X Banana Kush Photoperiod Feminized Seeds (5 cannabis seeds)


This strain is an F1 custom cross of the black domina and banana kush cannabis plants. It combines the best qualities of the two strains.

Black domina: The black domina is a potent indica weed variety that flowers early. It is a stocky species that does well when grown indoors or outdoors. Black domina has a rather spicy pepper-like flavor. Users love its deeply relaxing qualities that can induce sleep. It also stimulates feelings of happiness and euphoria. It is most suitable as a relaxant taken late at night.

Banana kush: This strain has a sweet banana aroma and flavor. It is suited to connoisseurs with a desire for a strong stone with hallucinogen properties. It has a high THC content of 18.5%. Banana kush is great for relaxation when dealing with social anxiety. It has a potent indica high that induces euphoria and relaxation. It is recommended for night time high for people with sleep problems. It is also suited to connoisseurs who engage in creative work and public performances. It induces feelings of happiness and euphoria.

The two strains combine to produce a stocky plant with snowy flowers that have an orange tinge. It is an indica dominant strain with a strong flavor and soothing effects on the brain. The blending eliminates the negative qualities of banana kush such as dizziness and dry eyes. It is recommended for connoisseurs who experience chronic pain and bodily aches. Just like the parent species, it does well when grown indoors and out in the field.

Price includes 5 seeds.

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