1 tin containing 5 feminized seeds.

Critical is the ideal cash crop for any grower who is looking for a high-yield plant that can grow in small spaces to stay discreet. This strain is ideal for growing indoors, but it can also produce high yields if grown outdoors in warmer climates, such as in Spain, California or Italy. It is typically best to harvest in late September if grown outdoors in a warmer climate. Critical plants do not grow taller than one meter when kept indoors and are known for their short internode spacing that leaves room for more buds. Stay on a tight growing schedule without the hassle of a high-maintenance plant thanks to the Critical strain. In just seven short weeks, the Critical strain will yield 600 grams per square meter under a 600W indoor light. The THC content for Critical is an estimated 18% average with low CBD content. Smokers will enjoy a relaxing vibe from these plants that always deliver a strong smoke for a mentally and physically stoned effect. This strain is noted for its earthy, sweet flavor that is described as low-odor and pleasant.


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