Feminized Irish Cream Cannabis Seeds


Irish Cream, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, derived from a backcross of the classic Mighty Irish Hope. It’s characterized by its unique flavor profile that diverges from its name, offering a blend of fresh herbs and pine, accented by a sweet earthiness. The strain’s aroma complements its taste with woody and earthy notes, topped with a rich floral overtone. Known for its beautiful appearance, Irish Cream buds are long, tapered, and forest green, with abundant orange hairs and a thick blanket of amber trichomes. It delivers a very physical high, inducing profound relaxation and a light cerebral euphoria, boosting sociability. With a THC level of 16-17%, it is often chosen for alleviating fatigue, depression, chronic pain, mood swings, and anxiety. It grows short and squat, yielding dense buds that carry the promise of a deep, sedative high ideal for unwinding in the evening or on lazy days when comfort is paramount.