Godfather Feminized Cannabis Seeds



As you might expect, Godfather is intense. This potent hybrid cross of Alpha OG and XXX OG is popular in the SoCal medicinal community as well as among consumers who want a calming high. Like sitting down with a glass of wine after work, using this strain delivers a relaxed euphoria. The wine-like flavor, which has a hint of grape and spice, adds to the experience.

The indica-dominant strain’s 60:40 indica to sativa ratio and up to 34% THC can pack a punch and deal a dose of sedation. It’s an excellent strain for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Beginners should be careful when dosing because this plant can be so potent.

Consumers describe this strain as one that starts with the mental rush that’s typical of sativas. That quickly transitions into a peaceful, full-body relaxation. You’re more likely to zone out and want to listen to quiet music or curl up under a blanket than write your next novel after a few tokes. However, you might feel a nice cerebral buzz.

Godfather OG reaches a medium height when grown indoors. It won’t take over your grow room, but it delivers high yields and dense nugs. The flowers and sugar leaves develop a rich coating of trichomes, and the pistils may turn purple toward harvest time.

If you’re looking for the Don of all OGs, Godfather is an excellent choice. It has powerful effects and is satisfying to grow and consume.

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