Jealousy Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Discover the distinct qualities of the Feminized Jealousy strain, meticulously crafted for the gardening aficionado. This unique hybrid combines the robust genetics of Sherbert Bx1 and Gelato 41, yielding a balanced blend that invigorates the senses and provides a rich, earthy, and subtly sweet flavor profile. Dominated by the terpene caryophyllene, known for its distinct fuel-like aroma, this strain also boasts hints of limonene, myrcene, linalool, and humulene, contributing to its unique olfactory experience​

Cultivating Feminized Jealousy requires a medium level of gardening expertise, ideally suited for those looking to expand their horticultural skills. It flourishes best within an 8 to 10-week flowering cycle and is typically ready for harvest in October when grown outdoors. Gardeners can expect medium height plants and yields ranging from 400–500g/m² indoors to 550-600g per plant outdoors, providing a satisfying and fruitful gardening venture

For enthusiasts aiming to enhance their collection, Feminized Jealousy presents a captivating addition, offering not only aesthetic appeal with its rich lineage but also a chance to engage with advanced gardening techniques. Embrace the journey of nurturing this distinctive strain, from seed to bloom, and savor the rewards of your green thumb endeavors.