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Benefits of foliar sprays and how to apply them.

Roots are not the only way plants can absorb nutrients. Plants are also able to absorb nutrients through their leaves. Foliar sprays are feeding solutions that are sprayed on a plants leaves.

Foliar sprays can help clones root faster. Cuttings taken from a mother plant to make clones have no roots and no other way to absorb water & nutrients except through their foliage. During their rooting period, clones are kept on life support in a humidity dome where they survive only by absorbing water & nutrients through their foliage from the air. Support vulnerable clones with foliar feeding directly on their leaves. Apply a foliar spray containing Kelp Extract and Humic Acid to clones because it will speed up their root development and boost their survival rate.

Foliar sprays are very effective for rootless clones 
& first aid for correcting nutrient deficiencies for mature plants.

Foliar sprays are also very effective for emergency first-aid correction of nutrient deficiencies. Plants can absorb nutrients sprayed directly on their leaves more immediately than absorption through their roots. If your plants have a nutrient deficiency, apply a foliar spray in addition to correcting their feeding solution because foliar absorption offers the advantage of speed. A faster delivery of deficient minerals reduces stress and damage and can in more extreme cases make the difference between life and death for your plants.

A foliar spray is improved with the addition of yucca extract. Yucca is a water spreading agent that makes water spread out and cover a leaf’s surface rather than beading up, allowing nutrients to be more thoroughly distributed and absorbed. Add some yucca to your Foliar sprays to make them work better.

Foliar sprays should not be applied under strong lighting because water can act as a lens that can burn foliage. Apply foliar sprays only when lights are off.

Not all products should be used as a foliar spray, and some products should only be applied as a foliar spray during the vegetative growth phase. Before using a product in a foliar spray check if it is indicated for foliar use and which stages of growth it can be used.