Blackberry Moonrocks Feminized Cannabis Seeds


A rare indica-dominant hybrid that enchants with its lavish fusion of flavors and exceptionally high THC content. This celestial strain, boasting an 80% indica and 20% sativa ratio, is a masterpiece created through the union of Blue Moonrocks and Blackberry Kush, offering a THC powerhouse with levels soaring up to 32%​

Grown from our premium feminized seeds, Blackberry Moonrocks produces crops that are as visually stunning as they are resinous. Expect to see a dazzling array of colors in your harvest, with buds that can exhibit hues from deep blue to regal purple, and even ebony, drenched in bulbous trichome honey for an added layer of quality​​. The rich terpene and cannabinoid profile ensures a flavor and aromatic experience that complements its profound effects​​.

These seeds are the progeny of expert breeding to create unique and powerful cannabis strains. Each plant is a testament to this commitment, yielding dense buds that are packed with trichome crystals, ensuring an exceptional quality that stands out in any garden​​​​.