Feminized Birthday Cake Cannabis Seeds


The Birthday Cake cannabis strain, sometimes called Pink Cookies, is almost as tasty as the dessert it’s named after. You’ll definitely want to celebrate when you try it! This bud’s flavor profile leans toward the fruity side, and warm notes of vanilla only enhance that.

You’ll also notice skunky undertones moderated by a faintly sweet and nutty flavor upon exhalation. Some people say the nuttiness is reminiscent of sweetened butter or cookies. As for Birthday Cake’s aroma, it’s a combination of vanilla and an earthy, skunky scent.

An indica-dominant hybrid, Birthday Cake is the cross-bred child of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Both are deliciously sweet, but that’s not the only trait they’ve passed down; Cherry Pie has given Birthday Cake its impressive resistance to mold.

Though indica dominates, this strain’s gene line is 40% sativa and creates a balanced high.

Birthday cake needs a warm, humid environment to reach its full potential. Buds are large and dense with a thick layer of frosty trichomes, and a smattering of orange hairs adds a subtle but fiery depth to the color. As for the nugs, they’re a deep shade of green.

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